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Secco Consulting is a trusted security partner to enterprises. We help meet current legislation and rollout the most advanced and effective security systems. We achieve this by delivering appropriate solutions based on industry best practices.

Security system design

We create well-designed security systems that exceed industry standards. We specialise in new system design and legacy system transformation. We will be your partner to create the most effective security system for your enterprise.

We’re able to provide a complete design solution. Our expertise is offered on a consultancy or advisory basis. Your security system will be unique to your organisation. Its infrastructure will ensure your most important security requirements are met. We have extensive experience delivering designs ranging from the boundary edge to the core of a network.

System integration

Without an integrated plan, security systems lack efficiency. The most efficient models take all security systems and converge them into a heterogenous solution. This makes sure every security system runs side-by-side, in unison, perfectly.

Once your system’s designed, we integrate it. Rollout of your new security system will incorporate your organisation’s needs in their entirety. We have extensive experience with the rollout of security systems and are expert integrators.

Security testing

We test a security system to reveal flaws in its design. Its role in security system design is to prevent a security breach and ensure compliance with data protection laws.

Secco Consulting are experts in all aspects of security system testing. From vulnerability scanning, to testing the validity of a firewall, we deliver a complete solution to ensure a system is not only fit for purpose, but as secure as possible. We run tests based on industry best practices to identify any security flaws.

Approved vendor software and hardware

We can supply a full suite of enterprise-grade software solutions and next-generation hardware including state-of the-art firewalls, intrusion prevention systems and routing systems.

With extensive experience working with multiple vendors, we can recommend the best product for the task. Whether you want to upgrade your firewall to an Advanced Web Application Firewall (WAF), improve network visibility and segmentation or upgrade your anti-virus system with point-in-time malware detection, we’ve the expertise to recommend the right product for your organisation.